Welcome to Meditation Federation. A meditation school for the real world. We have structured and well researched classes about how to meditate. 

Our school is non-secular and is not based around a specific guru and/or particular religion.

We focus on quality, simplicity and usefulness in every class we offer. We teach meditation in practical and useful ways that all will be able to grasp, understand, and adopt into their daily life.

We want you to join us in building a community of people passionate about the art of meditation, and dedicated to making it a permanent part of your life.

Remember, every class is an exploration where we reflect and reset.

Our Story

Our Australian organization was founded in 2014, with the emphasis of making this meditation school stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Our goal with Mediation Federation is to provide a range of meditation techniques, styles and programs. This is tailored to every person that is seeking a way to reach a state of calmness in their lives. We are dedicated to each and every client, guiding them through the meditation lessons and practices at a pace that suits them.