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Corporate Wellness Classes


Our philosophy to corporate wellness is that to be a productive employee you need to be able to manage stress effectively and able to deal with change. This is exactly what our offering focuses on. We understand the complexities and time constraints involved in business and how you need to be adaptable to changing circumstances.


Monday Mind Clients


Clients of Monday Mind are:

Ernst & Young

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ)

University of Notre Dame

University of Technology, Sydney

Fishburners, Australia’s Largest Tech Hub

River City Labs, Brisbane

Sydney Start Up Week


Benefits to employees


Common benefits that workers reap after the corporate wellness program: 

  • Anxiety reduction and stress reduction.
  • Increased mental concentration, clarity, and awareness.
  • Better work/life/family balance.
  • Improved overall health and wellbeing.
  • Enhanced productivity, effectiveness, and communication in the workplace


About the Teacher

Camille Woods

I am a Chartered Accountant who understands the stress of the workplace and how meditation can sharpen focus. I practiced kirtan in Byron Bay, zen meditation in Tokyo, and mindfulness in New York.

A member of the International Yoga Alliance and the Australian Teachers of Meditation Australia with over 110 hours of teacher training experience in meditation and 200 hours for vinyasa yoga.

Currently, I am Director of Monday Mind and work as an Accounting Academic at UTS.

Flexibility and scalability of the classes


How is Monday Mind different to other corporate wellness providers?


We have 6 teachers available who all have corporate experience and are working professionals with a passion for meditation and yoga. The classes are consistent across teachers.

Each class is well prepared and handouts are available on preventing repetitive strain injury (RSI), office chair stretches and mindfulness methods for dealing with conflict. These handouts are modifiable and we are happy to show HR before we distribute.

Our classes are adaptable. We can deliver a meditation class in an open plan environment. We can change the music to suit the regulars and can take theme requests at short notice from management or the students. Classes can be held in meeting rooms or breakout rooms.

Class options


Dynamic Yoga Class  

(45-60 minutes)


A stand alone yoga classes which have a different theme each lesson. Examples of themes have included mindfulness yoga, hatha yoga, problem solving yoga, classical music yoga, aromatherapy yoga, vinyasa yoga and yin yoga. Regardless of the theme, every lesson has a set of carpal tunnel prevention exercises and stretches designed for office workers who are seated. Dynamic yoga is to get the blood flowing to prevent OH&S related damage for those seated for long periods of time.


The 8 Limbs of Yoga Course

(45-60 minutes)


A comprehensive 8 week yoga course that includes a handout for every week. The course is suitable for beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. The course is professional and does not follow any particular religion. Yoga is about being comfortable in the uncomfortable, which is a skill that empowers employees. The 8 Limbs of Yoga Course is suited for people who want to learn more about yoga and complete a yoga course that will prepare them for their own yoga practice at home.

The topics that we cover in this course are:

  • Preventing injury while doing yoga
  • Repetitive strain injury (RSI) prevention
  • Stretches for office workers
  • Learning the sun salutation sequence
  • The basic 8 limbs of yoga philosophy
  • How to create your own yoga practice at home
  • Yoga stretches and relaxation for when you are dealing with conflict from clients and colleagues.

Mindfulness Meditation Course

(45-60 minutes)

This eight part mindfulness meditation course is comprehensive and includes handouts and a workbook. The mindfulness meditation course is designed for people who want to experience mindfulness throughout their day.

Part One

Introduction: Discovering Mindfulness Philosophy and Meditation

Part Two

Towards a Mindful You: Reducing stress

Part Three

The habit of now: Freeing up habits and being alive in the moment

Part Four

Clear thinking and Focus: Your inner rollercoaster and finding the calm within

Part Five

Meditation Connection: Getting on with clients, colleagues, friends and family using mindfulness and meditation.

Part Six

Meditation Innovation: Shake up your autopilot and discover your purpose

Part Seven

Mindfulness when you need it: Dealing with emotions, mindfulness for focus and meditations for stress reduction

Part Eight

Authenticity: The three gateways through which we connect with the world are body, speech and mind. Bringing mindfulness into your everyday life for a stronger connection and openness to the world.

Extra costs

To hire our yoga mats is $5 per person.


Why choose us


We would love to work with you and we can tailor classes around the needs of your business at an appropriate cost structure that suits you. Monday Mind is mobile, flexible and scalable. Yoga and meditation has worked for our teachers who have worked in corporate offices.


Monday Mind can host classes at any location and teach private lessons or classes to hundreds of people. We deliver high quality, well-researched classes to professionals with a focus on specialising in accountants.


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