Beginner Mindfulness Meditation Course

Beginner Mindfulness Meditation Course


A 4 week meditation course where you will grow  and share your meditation experience with new friends.

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4 Week Mindfulness Meditation Course


This 8 part mindfulness meditation course is comprehensive and includes handouts and a workbook. The mindfulness meditation course is designed for people who want to experience mindfulness throughout their day.


Course Details

Date: Mondays 6::00pm to 7:30pm starting 5 February 2018

Location: Ultimo, Sydney CBD


Course Contents

Part One

Introduction: Discovering Mindfulness Philosophy and Meditation


Part Two

Towards a Mindful You: Reducing stress


Part Three

The habit of now: Freeing up habits and being alive in the moment


Part Four

Clear thinking and Focus: Your inner rollercoaster and finding the calm within


Part Five

Meditation Connection: Getting on with clients, colleagues, friends and family using mindfulness and meditation.


Part Six

Meditation Innovation: Shake up your autopilot and discover your purpose


Part Seven

Mindfulness when you need it: Dealing with emotions, mindfulness for focus and meditations for stress reduction


Part Eight

Authenticity: The three gateways through which we connect with the world are body, speech and mind. Bringing mindfulness into your everyday life for a stronger connection and openness to the world.