Meditation Teacher Training Part Two

Meditation Teacher Training Part Two


An invitation-only meditation teacher training course for professionals. Increase your knowledge of meditation, share tips with experienced teachers and try new techniques to add more range to your classes.

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Become a Qualified Meditation Teacher

Create a second job you love


At Monday Mind, we teach office professionals how to meditate. Our classes are non-secular and modern. You can teach meditation and continue your professional career. Many of our teachers have careers in multinationals but teach meditation on the side. They love the balance and the calmness that sharing the joy of meditation brings them. Immerse yourself in meditation by teaching meditation. We teach what we need to learn.


You may want to start a regular guided meditation group, lead a course or teach a workshop. Deliver your work locally, Australia wide or worldwide because you will have international accreditation. Blend your existing skills with your new skills to create something completely unique.


International Accreditation

On successful completion of all assessments you will receive a Certificate of Meditation Teacher Training. The course is accredited with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and entitles you to apply for professional membership and insurance.


Is Monday Mind right for you?

Monday Mind specialises in corporate yoga and meditation.


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As a professional qualified meditation teacher you will:

  • Serve your community, family and friends

  • Facilitate transformation

  • Share skills that improve lives

  • Teach how to deal with negative emotion

  • Offer support for ongoing meditation practice

  • Learn how to successfully create and sustain meditation courses

  • Competently promote your classes

  • Deepen your own practice and understanding of meditation

  • Studies include the exploration of various meditation techniques and the development of your own practices, the application of techniques in a clinical and professional setting, group facilitation and the practical aspects of running meditation classes.

    With a wide range of flexible study options and alternate payment plans, the Professional Certificate of Meditation Facilitation offers the perfect pathway for those wishing to pursue a rewarding career as a Meditation Facilitator, in a caring and supportive environment.



Date: 12 and 13 May, 2018 

Location: Set at a photogenic studio with chairs, cushions and cosiness in Ultimo, Sydney. 

Will we be meditating non-stop for the whole course? No, we will have breaks, chats and snacks. Teaching meditation is a joy.


Course Fees & Course Structure

The Course fee includes all lectures, tuition, materials (both printed and audio-visual ).


Prerequisites and Applications

The Meditation Teacher Training Level 1 will give you a sample of meditation styles for you to explore. Teacher Training Level 1 and 2  are invitation only as we need to ensure it is the best fit for all students. We look for eagerness to learn meditation and professionalism.

To complete the Meditation Teacher Training Level 2 you need to have completed Meditation Teacher Training Level 1.  


Meditation Teacher Training Level 2 (14 hours face to face)  


(Modules 1 to 7 is covered in the Meditation Teacher Training Level 1 course.)

  • Module 8: Teaching Techniques - writing scripts, pacing, answering questions, class format. Assessment 2. (4 hours.)

  • Module 9: Teacher Training. (6 hours.)

  • Module 10: Teaching a Class. Assessment 3 and Assessment 4. (4 hours.)


Assessments for Level 2 Teacher Training

The assessments/requirements each student must complete in order to receive certification:

Assessment 1: Teach a 15 minute class. Introduce yourself as a teacher, provide some meditation theory and then lead a guided meditation. The guided meditation will be using your original meditation script. Your peers will provide feedback on their meditation experience. 

Assessment 2: Present to the class the 3 most important points you learnt about teaching meditation.