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Host meditation classes at your workplace just like Google, Apple and Twitter. Monday Mind do stress reduction meditation classes that are fun and refreshing.
"As an entrepreneur, it's easy to get caught up with ideas and jumble your thoughts. The Monday Mind meditation session really helped me to look at my business from a new perspective and form better defined ideas.
Stephanie, Entrepreneur.
"My family notices how reinvigorated I am when I come home after a Monday Mind yoga session. I can't wait for our next class!"
Jesse, Portfolio Manager.
"I felt so much more focused and even a bit more energetic after the yoga class. Monday Mind has done me a world of good."
Clementine, Senior Corporate Development.


Meditation reduces stress in the office

  • Apple, Twitter and Google all have on-site yoga and meditation classes to promote employee wellbeing.

  • 80% of Australian Doctors have recommended meditation to patients at some time in the course of their practice, Medical Journal of Australia, 172(3).

  • 178 Full time workers from Sydney CBD participated in a random control tested trial in 2003. The trial concluded that meditation was a safe and effective strategy for dealing with work stress and depressive feelings, Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, vol 2011, Article ID 960583.



The benefits of meditation

✓   Better focus and attention
✓   More energy
✓   More clarity
✓   An increase in creativity
✓   A growing sense of peace