Meditation Makeover Book

Meditation Makeover Book


What is a Meditation Makeover? 

Through the Meditation Makeover we see things more clearly, we are able to focus, and open up to new possibilities. We become more connected to our own self as well as others, we engage more in creativity, pleasure, and fun. Our fear is replaced by confidence, our hatred by joy, our loneliness by a feeling of connection. We are truly transformed.

It is all about lifting the veil of the mind, seeing what lies behind it, and facing those negative thoughts, fears and hurts that keep us from becoming our authentic selves. It will help you become more you. 

The Meditation Makeover starts deep and dark, as we remove distractions, look fear in the face, and stare down boredom and frustration. Once we discover how we are trapped by negativity, we can free ourselves and open up our minds, our hearts and our souls. We will break out of the cocoons that have trapped us for so long, finally flying free. 

To see clearly, we need to wipe away negativity, including the distractions, fears, frustrations, boredoms and hurts that come along with it. 

As we meditate more and more, we will soften and strengthen and become our true selves.

By letting go of old negative thoughts and inviting new positive thoughts, we can freshen up our outlook and change our lives for the better. 

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