Sleep Meditation

When you feel like a self-saboteur at night by having relentless thoughts this counting meditation helps stabilise your mind. 

Current mood

  • Anxious about sleeping and worrying that you won't perform well the next day because of a lack of sleep.
  • Wanting a win-win situation so that sleeping or not sleeping are both beneficial.

Unknown and not important


Step One. Start lying on your back. Place your hands at your sides. Using your mind, scan your body for areas of tension. How does your body feel? Slowly release any tension in your body by breathing deeply in and out.

Step Two. As your thoughts pop into your head, just let them go. You can handle your day to day tasks tomorrow when you are in the daylight, and your mind is fresh.

Step Three. Now we will begin a counting meditation. After you breathe in and out, count one. Breath in and out, two. Breathe in and out, three. Continue breathing and counting. If you lose your count, start at one again. There is no need to fixate on the number; you are just letting the numbers and the breaths, wash over you. You are breathing and counting and relaxing. If you count up to a high number, you are honing your focus skills. If you keep starting at zero, you may be drifting into sleep. There is no pressure, no worries. Just relaxing.