The James Bond 5 Minute Meditation

A James Bond meditation needs to be sexy, tough and intense. This trakata meditation develops the skills needed to be James Bond, improving your memory and your focus. Direct all your concentration on one single point, a candle flicker. By concentrating on fire, you can attract brightness and strength into your life.


Step One. Gather a candle and a match and matchbox.


Step Two. You can begin the meditation, with your eyes open as soon as you are in a comfortable seated position with the three objects in front of you. You might want to be sitting down on the floor and having the candle on a coffee table in front of you.


Step Three. Pick up the match and hold it against the matchbox, ready to strike. As you flick your wrist to light the flame, notice the way that your body moves. As you reach the match to the wick of the candle, notice the movement of your hand and the heat of the fire. As you light the candle, notice how the flame is transferred from the match to the wick. Once the candle is lit, blow out the match, paying attention to the faint smell of smoke in the air. Place the extinguished match down safely. Commence looking into the candle flame. We will now begin a deep focus meditation.


Step Four. Focus on the way that the candle flickers. Keep your eye on the area near the flame, (but if you feel more comfortable, you can transfer your gaze to the candlestick). Let your eyes decide where to look, and focus on the object, noticing its appearance. Anytime your mind or your vision wanders from this focus, bring your attention back to your point of reference.


Step Five. After a minute or less, your eyes may wander, may water up or become heavy, or you may notice flecks of colour appear before them. Close your eyes and picture the shape of the candle. Recall exactly how the candle looks. Sit still, observing: seeing, watching, noticing the image of the candle in your mind. Reopen your eyes and look at the candle. After a minute or less, when your eyes become heavy, close your eyes again, recalling the image of the candle. Repeat once more, looking at the candle then picturing the candle.


Step Six. Opening your eyes once more and look at the candle. Take a few deep breaths and avert your eyes from their focus, looking a metre away from the candle. Gently return your gaze to the space before you and blow out the candle. Notice how the candle shape has changed.


Note - check with your doctor or optometrist before practicing trakata. Keep the meditation to 5 minutes for safety and have the candle arm’s length from you.

Camille WoodwardComment