Breakfast at Tiffany's Grounding Meditation

Holly Golightly, from the novella, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, is a traveller - restless and independent. She is looking for love and for a place to call home. When Holly gets the ‘mean reds’, when she feels scared for no reason, she goes to Tiffany’s jewelery store, a place where nothing bad can happen. But what if Holly gets the mean reds after the store’s open hours? This grounding meditation is perfect for nomads like Holly. It provides a safe haven you can access anytime, anywhere. Retreat and reawaken your imagination in this mandala meditation.

Step One.

A mandala is a circle with a central point. Locate the direction of north. Starting at north, walk clockwise in a circle. When you get to north again, walk clockwise in a circle again but imagine you are leading a trail of golden light.

Step Two.

After you have led the trail of golden light, stand at the north point and see the golden light glowing in front of you. Look at the central point of the circle and sit there with your eye closed.

Step Three.

You have created a safe retreat with a healing golden light surrounding you. Meditate within this golden light, feeling the healing glow surrounding you.

Step Four.

When you are ready, gently open your eyes. Stand up and walk to the north point of your circle. Walk counter clockwise and allow the golden light to dissolve into your body. When you return to north, see how the trail of golden light has disappeared from sight, absorbed into your body.

This meditation is perfect for travellers who can feel disjointed by being constantly exposed to different time zones, languages and currencies. Wherever you go, there is always a north point and this meditation will guide you into feeling centred, grounded and stronger.