Sunny Serendipity Meditation

Happy, sunny and carefree! Mantra meditations twinkle, they vanish quickly and last a short time. Much like happiness, which comes and goes. Speaking a mantra is delicate, light and warm. A slip into a thought, and the rhythm of the mantra is broken. Doing a mantra meditation is experiencing serendipity, while making your brain busy with a mantra, you find stillness.  

Current mood

  • Feeling happy at the current moment and wanting to practice vocalising and articulation.


  • By speaking your mantra out loud, you are extending your breathing, warming up your voice and balancing a rhythm between your voice and your brain.

  • This is especially helpful for people who can’t communicate feelings or difficult conversations because saying a mantra out loud is a challenge. You aren’t used to hearing a mantra come out of your mouth so the meditation gets you more comfortable in speaking out of your comfortable range.

Step One.

Before starting, choose your mantra. Some ideas are: “joy”, “bright” or “enjoy”. The mantra you choose is not important, just select one.  

Step Two.

Sit in a comfortable position and put a timer of 10 minutes on. Take a few breaths. Slowly close your eyes.

Step Three.

When you are ready, with an open heart, start saying your mantra. Say the mantra out loud. You can say the mantra at any pace, any volume and any tone you like. It is normal for your voice to change throughout the meditation as you tire. Keep going, saying your meditation aloud.

Step Four.

When the timer finishes, open your eyes, turn the timer off and take a few deep breaths.