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Chocolate Meditation

Chocolate meditations are a blend of sensory indulgence and mindfulness. Enjoying the textures and tastes reminds me how much fun eating is!

Current mood

  • Seeking joy and indulgence in everyday experiences

  • Experience simple things with intense awareness.


  • Increases sensitivity to taste

  • Promotes mindful eating

  • Encourages you to find the joys in everyday life


  • Buy one chocolate Lindt Ball of any flavour


  • 5 minutes


Step One. Place the chocolate Lindt ball in its wrapper into the palm of your hand. Notice how it feels against your skin. Take a look at the wrapper carefully. Consider how heavy the chocolate is.

Step Two. Pick up the chocolate between your thumb and fingers. Can you feel how hard or soft the chocolate is? Can you feel it warming or cooling as you hold it.

Step Three. Start to unwrap the chocolate and notice the sound of twisting the wrapper. With the wrapper underneath, take a good look at the chocolate. Notice any contours and the texture of the chocolate. What markings does the chocolate have? Is it the same colour all the way across its surface? Is it shiny or dull?

Step Four. Now hold the chocolate under your nose and observe if the Lindt ball has a fragrance.

Step Five. Place the chocolate in your mouth and on your tongue.  What is its texture in your mouth? What does it taste like?

Step Six. As the saliva moves across your mouth, you might notice the casing of the chocolate pop as the second layer of the Lindt ball comes to the centre. Feel free to bite the chocolate and pay attention to the flavours and the feel of the chocolate in your mouth.

Step Seven. As the flavour intensity diminishes, keep noticing all the small details. As we come to the end of this chocolate meditation, focus on your breath. As you inhale and exhale, consider how you can take close attention to the joys of sensory meditation throughout your day.


Mountain Meditation

The mountain meditation is famous for projecting stability. If I'm feeling like my life is becoming chaotic, this meditation both energises and stabilises me.

Current mood

  • Feeling imaginative and wanting to use the power of visualisation.
  • Wanting to access your inner strength. 

10 minutes


Step One. Sit up straight on a chair and have your chest open. Relax your shoulders and rest your hands. Gently close your eyes. Become aware of your breath. Breathing in, breathing out.

Step Two. Picture a mountain standing before you. Imagine all the details of the mountain. See the green slopes with belts of trees, rocky crags and the snow-capped top of the mountain.

Step Three. Now imagine yourself as solid as the mountain. Imagine becoming as tall and grounded as the mountain. You are still and tranquil. The weather may change, the river may flow, the storms may pass, but you remain stable as a mountain. You observe the changes without judgement, secure as a mountain.

Step Four. As the weather patterns change, notice the emotions that wash over you. Just following the weather and the emotions. 

Step Five. When you are ready, let the mountain drift away and notice your posture, sitting tall as a mountain. Gently breath in and out. As you gently open your eyes, take the stability of the mountain with you throughout your day.