Pain Management Meditation


I use this meditation for emotional pain and physical pain because it gives me a new perspective. By thinking of others, I find it relieves the alienation of facing pain alone.

Current mood

  • Feeling helpless, vulnerable and like no one understands the pain you are in.
  • Wanting pain relief, inner peace and connection.

15 mins


Step One. Breathe deeply in and out. Imagine the breath is flowing all through your body. Breathe in from your feet and bring the breath in all the way up to your head and then breathe out from the head and watch the breath flow down all the way to your fingertips and your feet. Repeat breathing deeply. 

Step Two. With a gentle curiosity, notice any pain in your body. Just observing and noticing. 

Step Three. There may be waves of painfulness, but you are deeply relaxed. You are not fighting the pain. Imagine all the other people in the world who are also suffering in pain. They share this experience of pain with you. Breathe into the pain and breathe out of the pain. Repeat breathing in and out. 

Notice how as you become more at peace with pain, and you are more at peace with yourself. There is a deep, pleasant relaxation. Your body feels warm and comfortable and flows with the rhythm of the pain. There is nothing you need to change or do. You are just relaxing and being in your body. 

Step Four. Imagine that the pain is an ocean, with waves that ride high and then crash and disappear. The breath is the wind guiding the ocean. As you breathe deeply into the body; you are the wind, guiding and soothing the ocean. 

Step Five. Continue to feel into your body and to feel your breath. When you feel ready, gently stretch and slowly open your eyes.

Camille WoodwardComment