Heartbreak Meditation


There are millions of emotions, thoughts and physical symptoms during a heartbreak. This meditation is breathtakingly simple and creates space for you.

Current mood

  • Emotionally shattered by a breakup 
  • Wanting to process thoughts, relieve the physical stress and let the emotions pour through

25 minutes


Step One. Sit with a straight spine and with your legs crossed. Your neck is relaxed and straight.

Step Two. Prepare for a prayer mudra. Place hands in a prayer position and bring the tip of the middle fingers up to between the eyebrows.  Your hands are not touching your head, they are a little away from the body. Your elbows are high and forearms are horizontal to the ground. 

Step Three. As you inhale and exhale, look within. 

Step Four. When you are ready, slowly stretch your palms to above your head. Slowly, bring your hands to your thighs.

Camille WoodwardComment