Classic Mindfulness Meditation

mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation is like facing reality. It is a struggle to not judge a situation which is what attracts me to mindfulness. The skill of switching off but not drifting off, is what I need.

Current mood

  • Wishing things were better. Spent too long on Facebook and LinkedIn and experiencing status anxiety.
  • Wanting a short, sharp reality check meditation.


5 minutes


Step One
Sit upright and comfortably. Relax your hands in a comfortable position. Let your shoulders relax and gently close your eyes.

Step Two
Pay attention to your breath. Breathing in and breathing out.

Step Three
Expand your awareness to any sounds close to you. It may be the sound of your own breath. Listen without judgement. And listen to any sounds in the background, sounds further away. Not straining to listen, just observing. 

Step Four
With your eyes closed, notice what you see in the space before your eyes. Perhaps you see just darkness, or some patches, swirls, splotches. Just noticing and paying attention.

Step Five
Slowly bring your attention back to your breath.  Every time you find your mind wandering off the breath, gently bringing it back to the present. Follow your breath, breathing in and breathing out.

Step Six
When you feel ready, gently open your eyes and look at the ground in front of you. When you have adjusted to the light, slowly look up. Stretch out your hands and take a deep breath.

Camille WoodwardComment