Daft Punk Meditation


“An affirmation is a strong positive statement that something is already so,” Shakti Gawain. This meditation is a twist on an affirmation meditation. Instead of the affirmation, "Harder, faster, better, stronger" - we will be clapping our hands in time to the music. 

Current mood

  • Restless and bored. Not in the mood for meditating.

  • Looking for a fun meditation.


  • Encourages perseverance

  • Helps you to keep on track despite obstacles

  • Integrates music with movement 


  • Download the song, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger


  • 5 mins


Step One. Play the Daft Punk song, Harder Better Faster Stronger. Once the music commences, we close our eyes and clap to the beat of the music. The clapping meditation requires a sense of rhythm and effort. This reflects how getting better every day and getting harder, better, faster, stronger requires a degree of effort and perseverance. 

Step Two. Once the song finishes, clap for three more beats. Then place your hands on your lap, take 3 deep breaths and slowly open your eyes.