Vision Meditation


"Everything is created twice, first in the mind, and then in reality," Robert Sharma. A building is created in the mind of an architect before it is created, the same for an artist producing art. You are your vision, your beliefs, your values, your habits, your actions.


10 minutes


Step One. Close your eyes and gently relax your shoulders. Pay attention to the sound of your breath. Hear yourself breathing in and breathing out. There is no need to change your breathing. Just notice the sound and rhythm of your breath.

Step Two. Ask  yourself, what are three values you cherish the most?

Step Three. Bring to your mind the vision you have for your life. Why are you here today?

Step Four. Now think about your habits this week. What actions did you take this week? What activities have you been spending your time on this week?

Step Five. Let it all go. Bring your focus back to the breath. Let it all go. Notice your feelings right now. You may be feeling frustrated, motivated, purposeful or sad. Feelings are temporary. We acknowledge the feeling as it is and let feelings come and go.

Step Six. Come back to the breath. Let the breath be your anchor to the present moment. Focus on the breath, breathing in and out.

Step Seven. With your eyes closed, gently rotate your wrists slowly. Rotate your shoulders slowly. So very gently, open your eyes, looking at the floor in front of you. And then gradually, looking up.