Private lesson for yoga and meditation (1 hour)

Private lesson for yoga and meditation (1 hour)


There is a high degree of discipline expected in the private lesson. We build upon a daily yoga and meditation practice.

Sometimes you can aim for a daily practice but it does not happen because you don't feel motivated or doubt the benefits and then feel guilty.  In a private class we remove guilt and focus on inspiration. Your teacher can adjust the routines to better suit your lifestyle.

The learning outcomes of the private class are:

  • Finding the right style of meditation for your daily practice. You may have stopped meditating because the meditation style didn't suit you anymore but we can find the right style, format and length for your daily practice.
  • Adjusting your yoga postures to prevent injury. We are strong in some parts of the body and weak in others and in yoga, we tend to unknowingly overuse our strengths which can cause injury. We can help identify the muscles you need to strengthen and create a yoga routine to suit your body.
  • Immersion into yoga and meditation. We bring a lot of different props to the private classes for variety and fun.
  • Theory journal. Each private lesson has theory cards so that you can reflect on the learnings and create your own meditation and yoga textbook. 
  • We can take photos and videos of your progress in yoga positions. This so that you can practice the correct alignment at home.

Your Teacher

My name is Camille and I am a member of the Yoga Alliance and the Australian Teachers of Meditation. I am also a Chartered Accountant with over ten years experience working in multinational corporations in Sydney and Brisbane. Meditation and yoga has been an excellent tool for me while working in corporations and I had to share the joy to others. You don't have to quit your job to immerse yourself in wellness - it can be done simultaneously. Working in a corporation requires discipline which strengthens the resolve needed to practice yoga and the patience and flexibility you get from yoga strengthens your management skills in the office. 

Location - the classes are held at a mutually beneficial location, usually in a yoga studio in Sydney CBD.


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