What our students say

"As an entrepreneur, it's easy to get caught up with ideas and jumble your thoughts. The Monday Mind meditation session really helped me to look at my business from a new perspective and form better defined ideas.” Stephanie, Entrepreneur.
"My family notices how reinvigorated I am when I come home after a Monday Mind yoga session. I can't wait for our next class!" Jesse, Junior Portfolio Manager.
"I felt so much more focused and even a bit more energetic after the yoga class. Monday Mind has done me a world of good." Clementine, Senior Corporate Development.
"Camille has a soothing voice. I enjoyed the class and want to do more meditation." Ben, Engineer.
“Camille is  very committed with a clear and eager talent for teaching and understanding the art of mindfulness meditation. She has an amazing ability to transfer her knowledge and understanding of Mindfulness Meditation in an uncluttered concise way which is truly inspirational.” Jenny, Nurse.
"Great restart to meditation practice for me in a lovely setting. Really enjoyed Camille’s class and look forward to the next session." Jane, Administration.
"Really enjoyed the class. I learnt new techniques to practice mindfulness and how to stop my excessive thinking. It’s been really helpful." Sonya, School Teacher.