Have you had a stillness of mind?

Imagine that the sky represents your mind. Your thoughts are like clouds, coming and going across the background of the sky. Yet the sky remains still. In essence, stillness in meditation is when we stop thinking. When we meditate, we may have thoughts that come and go but the spaces between this is stillness. The longer the gap between the thoughts the longer you are experiencing stillness. The funny thing about stillness is that it is ever present within. You don’t need to go to a temple and find stillness. It is the backdrop of your mind.

When you experience stillness, it is a feeling of spaciousness and lightness. It is like all your worries and burdens have lifted and you forgot all the gravity of your worries.

After you meditate and experience stillness you can see your thoughts as just temporary ideas, like clouds. In the stillness you can experience a sense of peace. “Not asleep, not unconscious, not drowsy, quite clear but just a stillness” Dr Ainslie Meares.

 The concept of stillness takes time to grasp. Make this the year that you sit in stillness and experience the weightlessness.