Our meditation courses help office workers look forward to Mondays and spread happiness, not stress by knowing meditations to suit your current lifestyle.

We are unlike other yoga schools because we believe meditation should suit your life, not that you have to change to meditate.

People think that meditation is boring, but if you’re curious, if you’re focused and calm, it can give your life excitement.


Stop hating Mondays!


What is a Monday Mind?




Monday brings it all back: work, stress, sore back. Monday Mind is about changing the dreaded feeling you have on a Monday morning. We focus on yoga and meditation for corporates because you don't have to quit your job and go off the grid to find fitness, peace and purpose in your life. 


A monday mind is a good feeling, it is when you are motivated and excited to start your work.  You can't wait to get things done and move closer to your goals. 

You can't wait to plan your week, to make progress on your life's work and to help others. You have focus, purpose and love your work.

You meditate to set your focus so you can help others and inspire change.

Don't let Monday mornings get you down again. You can reflect and reset through meditation. You can make sure your life is heading in the direction you want it to. 



How are we different to other meditation schools?


We make meditation exciting

Each class has a theme. Our teachers prepare a theme for the class so that every class is different. We also take theme requests from students.

We play great music. There are no rainforest soundtracks in our classes. Email us your song requests and we will see if we can incorporate your song into your next class. 


We solve modern problems

Hate your boss? We know a meditation specifically for that problem. 

Can't focus in an open plan office? We have a meditation and techniques for honing your focus and increasing your productivity. 

Tight shoulders? We have yoga stretches for that.


We know corporate life

Our teachers have experience working in corporations. Just because it is corporate, doesn't mean our classes are boring. We are always friendly and professional.  Our yoga mats are placed in a circle for our classes so that we can bring people together.

We aren't afraid to try new things for corporates. We teach the traditional methods of yoga and meditation but we also love surprises like virtual reality meditations or chocolate meditations.

We come to you or we book a space near your office for the yoga or meditation class. Ask us what you would like and we can try to accomodate you.



Our clients


Ernst & Young

Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand

Sydney University


Macquarie University

University of Notre Dame

Brisbane City Council

The Monkeys Media

River City Labs



Monday Mind has taught meditation and yoga to over 1,000 people