Beethoven No 7 Open Heart Meditation


Appreciating yourself is an inviting gateway to wholeheartedly share love to others. Perfect for singles or for when you have lost yourself in a relationship, in your role as a workaholic or as a dutiful family member. Soften yourself up to be fully present, open hearted and whole hearted.

Current mood

  • The word ‘duty’ has eclipsed the word ‘independence’ in your mind.

  • You feel like you are flipping between confrontation and arguments and then wanting to be liked and pleasing people.


  • The way you behave can influence how you feel and this meditation loosens up your body and become more at ease in your own body.

  • Reconnect to your true self so that you can pour out love to others.

Step One.

Listen to the song, Beethoven’s Number 7. Listen to the music shift from soft to loud, from lightness to darkness. Your heart may feel like it has been vulnerable but feel through the drama and feel that your love conquers all. Repeat the mantra in your head, love, as you listen to the song softly playing in the background. You have a heart full of love, you give out love and you receive love. Drama in life ensues but you are full of love.

Step Two.

As the music finishes, focus on your breath in the silence.

Step Three.

Allow yourself to relax even more now, in your own skin. Allow yourself to be feel as if you are in perfect harmony. The tensions between opposing forces, melt away like warm candle wax. Imagine your whole body loose, loose shoulders, loose facial muscles, fluid limbs, a relaxed jaw, all the knots in your lower back and your upper back are unwound, your neck feels long and loose, your forehead feels open and your heart feels soft. You are at ease.